RocketMQ, a distributed messaging middleware developed by Alibaba in 2012, was designed for message handling on a trillion scale, featuring high throughput, low latency, massive accumulation, and ordered message. It is a readily accessible tool for Double Eleven shopping spree in Alibaba and numerous large-scale Internet business scenarios alike. Thanks to these advantages, it has attracted more and more applications for access. Also in the same year, Alibaba officially open sourced the first version of RocketMQ.

In 2015, RocketMQ has witnessed a number of heavyweight features for messaging, including transaction messages, SQL filter, message retroactive, scheduled messages, and multi-site high availability, etc., to meet Alibaba’s increasingly rich business scenarios. It has also replaced Notify, another Alibaba self-developed MQ product,and become a preferred messaging middleware in Alibaba. And in 2016, RocketMQ developed the first fully-managed service on Alibaba Cloud, helping a large number of digitally transformed enterprises build modern applications, and began to experience large-scale cloud computing practices. In the same year, RocketMQ was donated to the Apache Foundation and enlisted in Incubator Project, aiming to serve more developers in the future.

After graduation from Apache Foundation in 2017, RocketMQ was designated as Top-Level Project(TLP).

From birth to maturity, and finally being an Apache TLP, the success of RocketMQ is inseparable from the efforts of its founding teams and numerous developers for years.


Image Name Apache Id Github Id When
vintagewang Xiaorui Wang vintagewang @vintagewang Create RocketMQ in 2012
linhill Qingshan Lin linhill @hill007299 Since @2013
manhong Qiudi Yang   @jodie.yang Since @2013
fuchong Yubao Fu   @fuyou001 Since @2013
lollipop Jixiang Jin lollipop @lollipopjin Since @2014
buming Li Zhou   @zhouli11 Since @2014
mingduan Zhongliang Chen   @chenzlalvin Since @2015
zhouxinyu Xinyu Zhou yukon @zhouxinyu Since @2016
fuchong Meiping Zhang   @gongyi-zmp Since @2016
dongeforever ZhenDong Liu dongeforever @dongeforever Since @2016