The RocketMQ team is comprised of Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of RocketMQ project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. All contributions to RocketMQ are greatly appreciated, whether for trivial cleanups, big new features or other material rewards. More details see here.


The following is a list of developers with commit privileges that have directly contributed to the project in one way or another, or you can refer to here for the complete committee information of Apache RocketMQ.

Image Id Github Id Email Roles Time Zone
vintagewang vintagewang @vintagewang PMC Chair +8
bsnyde bsnyder @bsnyder PMC Member -7
justinmclean jmclean @justinmclean PMC Member +11
jim jim @jim PMC Member -7
WillemJiang ningjiang @WillemJiang PMC Member +8
vongosling vongosling @vongosling PMC Member +8
zhouxinyu yukon @zhouxinyu PMC Member +8
lizhanhui lizhanhui @lizhanhui PMC Member +8
dongeforever dongeforever @dongeforever PMC Member +8
lollipop lollipop @lollipopjin PMC Member +8
Heng Du duhengforever @duhenglucky PMC Member +8
dinglei dinglei @ShannonDing PMC Member +8
wlliqipeng wlliqipeng @wlliqipeng PMC Member +8
jinrongtong jinrongtong @RongtongJin PMC Member +8
stevensche stevenschew @stevenschew Committer +8
longdafeng longda @longdafeng Committer +8
shroman shroman @shroman Committer +9
vsair vsair @vsair Committer +8
Jaskey Jaskey @Jaskey Committer +8
Xin Wang xinwang @vesense Committer +8
huzongtang huzongtang @zongtanghu Committer +8
xujiang jonnxu @jonnxu Committer +8
liaotian Kevin Wang @walking98 Committer +8
wangwenfeng wenfeng @wenfengwang Committer +8
fangjian0423 fangjian0423 @fangjian0423 Committer +8
chenguangsheng chenguangsheng @qqeasonchen Committer +8
xiangwangcheng xiangwangcheng @xiangwangcheng Committer +8
xujianhai666 Xu Jianhai @xujianhai666 Committer +8
liwei Li Wei @francisoliverlee Committer +8
chenhoudao hdchen @hdchen Committer +8
weiheyin YinWeihe @ifplusor Committer +8
imaffe affe @imaffe Committer +8
liuruiyiyang liurui @liuruiyiyang Committer +8
maixiaohai maixiaohai @maixiaohai Committer +8
lizhimin lizhimins @lizhimins Committer +8
StyleTang styletang @styletang Committer +8
yuz10 Yu Zhou @yuz10 Committer +8
zhangjidi ZhangJiDi @zhangjidi Committer +8
nicholasjiang Nicholas Jiang @SteNicholas Committer +8
jianghaiting Haiting Jiang @Jason918 Committer +8
zhangyang zhangyang @Git-Yang Committer +8
panzhi33 Pan Zhi @panzhi33 Committer +8
tianliuliu Liuhe Tian @tianliuliu Committer +8
WangPing WangPing @pingww Committer +8
write2me Arthur Liang @speak2me Committer +8
caigy caigy @caigy Committer +8
cserwen cserwen @cserwen Committer +8
sunhangda lwclover @lwclover Committer +8
karp karp @Ni Ze Committer +8
Aaron Ai Aaron Ai @aaron-ai Committer +8
scarb Jin Jiahao @HScarb Committer +8
sunxiaojian sunxiaojian @sunxiaojian Committer +8
hzh0425 Zhangheng huang @hzh0425 Committer +8

Top Contributors

There are a lot of contributors who improve the RocketMQ project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members, top contributors to be added.

Image Id Github Id Email Roles Time Zone
siyue Khaidi Chu @XadillaX Contributor +8
githublaohu Hu Jie @githublaohu Contributor +8