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Version: 4.x

RocketMQ Promethus Exporter


Rocketmq-exporter is a system for monitoring all relevant metrics of the RocketMQ broker and client sides, which packages the metric values obtained from the broker side through mqAdmin into 87 caches.


In previous versions, there were 87 concurrentHashMaps, but since the Map does not delete expired metrics, once there is a label change, a new metric is generated and the old, unused metric cannot be automatically deleted, which eventually causes a memory overflow. However, using the Cache structure can enable expired deletion, and the expiration time can be configured.

The process for Rocketmq-exporter to obtain monitoring metrics is shown in the following figure. The exporter requests data from the MQ cluster through MQAdminExt, and the requested data is standardized into the format required by Prometheus through the MetricService, and then exposed to Promethus through the /metrics interface. adfljlkvnflkn

Metric structure

The Metric class is located in the org.apache.rocketmq.expoter.model.metrics package, and is essentially a set of entity classes, with each entity class representing a type of metric, for a total of 14 Metric classes. These classes serve as the keys for the 87 caches and are distinguished by different label values.

The entity classes contain three dimensions of labels:broker、consumer、producer
  • Metric classes related to the broker : BrokerRuntimeMetric、BrokerMetric、DLQTopicOffsetMetric、TopicPutNumMetric

  • Consumer-related classes : ConsumerRuntimeConsumeFailedMsgsMetric 、ConsumerRuntimeConsumeFailedTPSMetric 、ConsumerRuntimeConsumeOKTPSMetric、ConsumerRuntimeConsumeRTMetric、ConsumerRuntimePullRTMetric、ConsumerRuntimePullTPSMetric、ConsumerCountMetric、ConsumerMetric、ConsumerTopicDiffMetric

  • Producer-related metric classes: ProducerMetric

Prometheus pulls metrics

The RocketMQ-exporter project and Prometheus are equivalent to the server-client relationship, where the RocketMQ-exporter project introduces the Prometheus client package, which specifies the type of information to be obtained in the project's MetricFamilySamples class. Prometheus requests metrics from exporter, and exporter returns the information to Prometheus after packaging it into the corresponding type.

After the rocketmq-exporter project is started, it will collect various metrics from rocketmq into the mfs object. When the browser or Prometheus accesses the corresponding interface, the samples in the mfs object will be generated into the formatted data supported by Prometheus through the service. It mainly includes the following steps:

The browser accesses ip:5557/metrics to call the metrics method in the RMQMetricsController class, where ip is the IP of the host where the rocketmq-exporter project is running.

private void metrics(HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException {
StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
response.setHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain; version=0.0.4; charset=utf-8");

By creating a new StringWriter object to collect metric indicators, the metrics in the exporter are collected into the writer object through the metrics method in the MetricsService class, and then the collected indicators are output to the webpage.

The format of the collected metrics is:

<metric name>{<label name>=<label value>, ...} <metric value>


rocketmq_group_diff{group="rmq_group_test_20220114",topic="fusion_console_tst",countOfOnlineConsumers="0",msgModel="1",} 23.0

The 5 scheduled tasks in the MetricCollectTask class

The MetricCollectTask class has five scheduled tasks: collectTopicOffset, collectConsumerOffset, collectBrokerStatsTopic, collectBrokerStats, and collectBrokerRuntimeStats. They are used to collect consumer offset information and Broker state information, etc. Its cron expression is: cron: 15 0/1 * * * ?, which means it will collect once per minute. Its core function is to obtain information from the broker in the cluster through the mqAdminExt object and then add it to the corresponding 87 monitoring indicators, taking collectTopicOffset as an example:

  1. First, initialize the TopicList object and obtain all topic information in the cluster through the mqAdminExt.fetchAllTopicList() method.

    TopicList topicList = null;
    try {
    topicList = mqAdminExt.fetchAllTopicList();
    } catch (Exception ex) {
    log.error(String.format("collectTopicOffset-exception comes getting topic list from namesrv, address is %s",
  2. Add the topic to the topicSet, and iterate through each topic, checking the topic status through the mqAdminExt.examineTopicStats(topic) function.

    Set < String > topicSet = topicList != null ? topicList.getTopicList() : null;
    for (String topic: topicSet) {
    TopicStatsTable topicStats = null;
    try {
    topicStats = mqAdminExt.examineTopicStats(topic);
    } catch (Exception ex) {
    log.error(String.format("collectTopicOffset-getting topic(%s) stats error. the namesrv address is %s",
  3. Initialize the topic status set, the hash table brokerOffsetMap for topic information offset divided by broker, and a hash table brokerUpdateTimestampMap with broker name as the key to store the update timestamp.

    Set<Map.Entry<MessageQueue, TopicOffset>> topicStatusEntries = topicStats.getOffsetTable().entrySet();
    HashMap<String, Long> brokerOffsetMap = new HashMap<>();
    HashMap<String, Long> brokerUpdateTimestampMap = new HashMap<>();
    for (Map.Entry<MessageQueue, TopicOffset> topicStatusEntry : topicStatusEntries) {
    MessageQueue q = topicStatusEntry.getKey();
    TopicOffset offset = topicStatusEntry.getValue();
    if (brokerOffsetMap.containsKey(q.getBrokerName())) {
    brokerOffsetMap.put(q.getBrokerName(), brokerOffsetMap.get(q.getBrokerName()) + offset.getMaxOffset());
    } else {
    brokerOffsetMap.put(q.getBrokerName(), offset.getMaxOffset());
    if (brokerUpdateTimestampMap.containsKey(q.getBrokerName())) {
    if (offset.getLastUpdateTimestamp() > brokerUpdateTimestampMap.get(q.getBrokerName())) {
    brokerUpdateTimestampMap.put(q.getBrokerName(), offset.getLastUpdateTimestamp());
    } else {

  4. Finally, by iterating through each item in the brokerOffsetMap, the metricCollector object is obtained through the metricsService and the addTopicOffsetMetric method in the RMQMetricsCollector class is called to add the corresponding value to one of the caches of the 87 metrics in the RMQMetricsCollector class.

     Set<Map.Entry<String, Long>> brokerOffsetEntries = brokerOffsetMap.entrySet();
    for (Map.Entry<String, Long> brokerOffsetEntry : brokerOffsetEntries) {
    metricsService.getCollector().addTopicOffsetMetric(clusterName, brokerOffsetEntry.getKey(), topic,
    brokerUpdateTimestampMap.get(brokerOffsetEntry.getKey()), brokerOffsetEntry.getValue());
    }"topic offset collection task finished...." + (System.currentTimeMillis() - start));

Rocketmq-exporter collects metrics flowchart


Quick star

Configure application.yml

Important configurations in application.yml include:

  • server.port sets the port that Prometheus listens to for the rocketmq-exporter, with a default value of 5557.

  • rocketmq.config.webTelemetryPath configures the path for Prometheus to obtain metrics, with a default value of /metrics. The default value can be used.

  • rocketmq.config.enableACL If the RocketMQ cluster has enabled ACL verification, it needs to be set to true and the corresponding ak and sk need to be configured in accessKey and secretKey.

  • rocketmq.config.outOfTimeSeconds is used to configure the expiration time of storing metrics and their values. If it exceeds this time and the key in the cache has not undergone a write change, it will be deleted. Generally, it can be configured as 60s (the time interval for Prometheus to obtain metrics should be reasonably configured according to the expiration time, as long as the expiration time is greater than or equal to the time interval for Prometheus to collect metrics).

  • task..cron configures the time interval for the exporter to pull metrics from the broker through a scheduled task, with a default value of "15 0/1 * * ?" which means it will pull metrics every 15s of every minute.

Start exporter application

Start Prometheus according to the configuration on its official website

Configure Prometheus's static_config: -targets to the exporter's starting IP and port, such as: localhost:5557.

Access the Prometheus page

If the localhost starts at the default localhost:9090, you can view the collected metric values, as shown in the following figure:



For better visualization effects and to observe the trend of metric value changes, Prometheus is better used with Grafana!

Observability metrics

Observability metrics mainly include two categories: server-side metrics and client-side metrics. Server-side metrics are directly generated by the server, and client-side metrics are generated on the client and obtained by the server through an RPC request to the client. Client-side metrics can be further divided into producer metrics and consumer metrics. All 87 observability metrics and their main meanings are as follows:

Server metrics

Server metrics

Metrics nameDefinitionCorresponds to Broker metric name
rocketmq_broker_tpsBroker-level production TPS
rocketmq_broker_qpsBroker-level consumption QPS
rocketmq_broker_commitlog_diffBroker group synchronization behind message size from slave node
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_0msServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(0ms)putMessageDistributeTime
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_0to10msServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(0~10ms)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_10to50msServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(10~50ms)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_50to100msServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(50~100ms)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_100to200msServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(100~200ms)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_200to500msServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(200~500ms)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_500to1sServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(500~1000ms)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_1to2sServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(1~2s)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_2to3sServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(2~3s)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_3to4sServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(3~4s)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_4to5sServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(4~5s)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_5to10sServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(5~10s)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pmdt_10stomoreServer-side processing time for write request to completion of write(> 10s)
rocketmq_brokeruntime_dispatch_behind_bytesThe number of bytes of messages that have not been distributed yet (operations such as building indexes)dispatchBehindBytes
rocketmq_brokeruntime_put_message_size_totalThe total sum of the sizes of messages written to the brokerputMessageSizeTotal
rocketmq_brokeruntime_put_message_average_sizeThe average size of messages written to the brokerputMessageAverageSize
rocketmq_brokeruntime_remain_transientstore_buffer_numbsThe capacity of the queue in the TransientStorePoolremainTransientStoreBufferNumbs
rocketmq_brokeruntime_earliest_message_timestampThe earliest timestamp of the messages stored by the brokerearliestMessageTimeStamp
rocketmq_brokeruntime_putmessage_entire_time_maxThe maximum time it took to write messages to the broker since it started runningputMessageEntireTimeMax
rocketmq_brokeruntime_start_accept_sendrequest_timeThe time at which the broker started accepting send requestsstartAcceptSendRequestTimeStamp
rocketmq_brokeruntime_putmessage_times_totalThe total number of times messages were written to the brokerputMessageTimesTotal
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getmessage_entire_time_maxThe maximum time it took to process message pulls since the broker started runninggetMessageEntireTimeMax
rocketmq_brokeruntime_commitlog_disk_ratioThe usage ratio of the disk where the commitLog is locatedcommitLogDiskRatio
rocketmq_brokeruntime_dispatch_maxbufferA value that the broker has not calculated and remains at 0dispatchMaxBuffer
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pull_threadpoolqueue_capacityThe capacity of the thread pool queue for processing pull requests.pullThreadPoolQueueCapacity
rocketmq_brokeruntime_send_threadpoolqueue_capacityCapacity of the queue in the thread pool handling pull requestssendThreadPoolQueueCapacity
rocketmq_brokeruntime_query_threadpool_queue_capacityCapacity of the queue in the thread pool handling query requestsqueryThreadPoolQueueCapacity
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pull_threadpoolqueue_sizeActual size of the queue in the thread pool handling pull requestspullThreadPoolQueueSize
rocketmq_brokeruntime_query_threadpoolqueue_sizeActual size of the queue in the thread pool handling query requestsqueryThreadPoolQueueSize
rocketmq_brokeruntime_send_threadpool_queue_sizeActual size of the queue in the thread pool handling send requestssendThreadPoolQueueSize
rocketmq_brokeruntime_pull_threadpoolqueue_headwait_timemillsWaiting time for the head task in the queue in the thread pool handling pull requestspullThreadPoolQueueHeadWaitTimeMills
rocketmq_brokeruntime_query_threadpoolqueue_headwait_timemillsWaiting time for the head task in the queue in the thread pool handling query requestsqueryThreadPoolQueueHeadWaitTimeMills
rocketmq_brokeruntime_send_threadpoolqueue_headwait_timemillsWaiting time for the head task in the queue in the thread pool handling send requestssendThreadPoolQueueHeadWaitTimeMills
rocketmq_brokeruntime_msg_gettotal_yesterdaymorningTotal number of times messages were read up until midnight last nightmsgGetTotalYesterdayMorning
rocketmq_brokeruntime_msg_puttotal_yesterdaymorningTotal number of times messages were written up until midnight last nightmsgPutTotalYesterdayMorning
rocketmq_brokeruntime_msg_gettotal_todaymorningTotal number of times messages were read up until midnight tonightmsgGetTotalTodayMorning
rocketmq_brokeruntime_msg_puttotal_todaymorningTotal number of times messages were written up until midnight tonightputMessageTimesTotal
rocketmq_brokeruntime_msg_put_total_today_nowThe number of messages written to each broker so far.msgPutTotalTodayNow
rocketmq_brokeruntime_msg_gettotal_today_nowThe number of messages read from each broker so far.msgGetTotalTodayNow
rocketmq_brokeruntime_commitlogdir_capacity_freeThe available space in the directory where the commitLog are stored.commitLogDirCapacity
rocketmq_brokeruntime_commitlogdir_capacity_totalThe total space in the directory where the commit logs are stored.
rocketmq_brokeruntime_commitlog_maxoffsetThe maximum offset of the commitLog.commitLogMaxOffset
rocketmq_brokeruntime_commitlog_minoffsetThe minimum offset of the commitLog.commitLogMinOffset
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getfound_tps600The average TPS of messages received during getMessage in the past 600 seconds.getFoundTps
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getfound_tps60The average TPS of messages received during getMessage in the past 60 seconds.
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getfound_tps10The average TPS of messages received during getMessage in the past 10 seconds.
rocketmq_brokeruntime_gettotal_tps600The average TPS of getMessage calls in the past 600 seconds.getTotalTps
rocketmq_brokeruntime_gettotal_tps60The average TPS of getMessage calls in the past 60 seconds.
rocketmq_brokeruntime_gettotal_tps10The average TPS of getMessage calls in the past 10 seconds.
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getmiss_tps600Average TPS for getMessage with no messages obtained in the past 600 secondsgetMissTps
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getmiss_tps60Average TPS for getMessage with no messages obtained in the past 60 seconds
rocketmq_brokeruntime_getmiss_tps10Average TPS for getMessage with no messages obtained in the past 10 seconds
rocketmq_brokeruntime_put_tps600Average TPS for message write operations in the past 600 secondsputTps
rocketmq_brokeruntime_put_tps60Average TPS for message write operations in the past 60 seconds
rocketmq_brokeruntime_put_tps10Average TPS for message write operations in the past 10 seconds
Producer metrics

Producer metrics

Metrics nameDefinition
rocketmq_producer_offsetThe maximum offset of the topic at the current time
rocketmq_topic_retry_offsetThe maximum offset of the retry topic at the current time
rocketmq_topic_dlq_offsetThe maximum offset of the dead letter topic at the current time
rocketmq_producer_tpsThe production TPS of the topic on a Broker group
rocketmq_producer_message_sizeThe TPS of the production message size of the topic on a Broker group
rocketmq_queue_producer_tpsQueue-level production TPS
rocketmq_queue_producer_message_sizeQueue-level production TPS of message size
Consumer metrics

Consumer metrics

Metrics nameDefinition
rocketmq_group_diffConsumer group message accumulation message count
rocketmq_group_retrydiffConsumer group retry queue accumulation message count
rocketmq_group_dlqdiffConsumer group dead letter queue accumulation message count
rocketmq_group_countNumber of consumers in the consumer group
rocketmq_client_consume_fail_msg_countNumber of times consumers in the consumer group have failed to consume in the past 1 hour
rocketmq_client_consume_fail_msg_tpsTPS of consumer consumption failure
rocketmq_client_consume_ok_msg_tpsTPS of consumer consumption success
rocketmq_client_consume_rtTime taken for a message to be consumed after it has been pulled
rocketmq_client_consumer_pull_rtTime taken for a client to pull a message
rocketmq_client_consumer_pull_tpsClient pull message TPS
rocketmq_consumer_tpsConsumption TPS of subscription group on each Broker group
rocketmq_group_consume_tpsCurrent consumption TPS of subscription group (aggregated by broker for rocketmq_consumer_tps)
rocketmq_consumer_offsetThe current consumption Offset of the subscription group in a broker group
rocketmq_group_consume_total_offsetThe current consumption Offset of the subscription group (aggregated by broker for rocketmq_consumer_offset)
rocketmq_consumer_message_sizeThe TPS of the subscription group consuming message size in a broker group
rocketmq_send_back_numsThe number of times the subscription group in a broker group has failed to consume and written to the retry message
rocketmq_group_get_latency_by_storetimeThe consumption delay of the consumer group, the difference between the current time and when the exporter gets the message.