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Release Notes - Apache RocketMQ Client CPP- Version 1.2.3

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Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the version 1.2.3 release of RocketMQ Client CPP. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, please refer to Quick Start.


  • [ISSUE-139] - Export send batch messages api in c style.
  • [ISSUE-154] - Support transaction message.
  • [ISSUE-138] - Support getting error code and error message when C api returns.
  • [ISSUE-140] - Fix build warnings in namespace util.
  • [ISSUE-143] - Replace unsigned int by auto to save string::size_type.
  • [ISSUE-157] - Remove two unused functionalities, removeDropedPullRequestOpaque and deleteOpaqueForDropPullRequest.
  • [ISSUE-159] - Update unit test case for response future.
  • [ISSUE-160] - Optimize BatchMessage detection in producer send kernel.
  • [ISSUE-127] - Support muti-threads compile in
  • [ISSUE-167] - Support 64bit boost library on windows.
  • [ISSUE-172] - Remove useless code and fix compile warnings.
  • [ISSUE-179] - Modify deploy shell to package license and notice file.


  • [ISSUE-59] - Fix infinite loop on tcp transport connect.
  • [ISSUE-152] - Resolve the bug without encode batch flag when send batch message.
  • [ISSUE-156] - Use io-thread pool and work-thread pool in network callback to resolve deadlock in block-request.
  • [ISSUE-175] - Fix the death lock on pull request process of orderly consumer.