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Release Notes - Apache RocketMQ Client CPP- Version 1.2.4

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Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the version 1.2.4 release of RocketMQ Client CPP. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, please refer to Quick Start.

Download the 1.2.4 release


  • [ISSUE-188] - feat(producer): add method for orderly message sending by shardingkey.
  • [ISSUE-190] - feat(consumer): add set max cache size for consumer c-style apis.
  • [ISSUE-193] - feat(producer): Support user data in async callback.
  • [ISSUE-199] - feat(transaction): add transaction message for C APIs.
  • [ISSUE-165] - optimize transport layer.
  • [ISSUE-171] - replace boost::thread::hardware_concurrency with std version.
  • [ISSUE-195] - style(example):format the code style in example.
  • [ISSUE-201] - feat(errorno): add new error no for transaction producer.


  • [ISSUE-178] - fixed typo bug in DefaultMQPushConsumer::getConsumerRunningInfo.
  • [ISSUE-183] - remove boost from StringIdMaker, and fixed some bugs.
  • [ISSUE-186] - fix: skip compressing if message is a batch one.