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Release Notes - Apache RocketMQ Client CPP- Version 2.1.0

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Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the version 2.1.0 release of RocketMQ Client CPP. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, please refer to Quick Start.


  • [ISSUE-276] - Add trace message for pub and sub.
  • [ISSUE-281] - Add trace message shift for C style APIs.
  • [ISSUE-274] - Fix the heap-use-after-free risk caused by direct deconstruction when it is not used after initialization.
  • [ISSUE-254] - Add the script to package static lib on macOS.
  • [ISSUE-256] - Update jsoncpp to 0.10.7 in order to fix build error by gcc7+.
  • [ISSUE-257] - Add asan/lsan support, and formatting code.
  • [ISSUE-261] - Add api to get SDK versions.
  • [ISSUE-242] - Add some test cases for default producer implement.
  • [ISSUE-244] - Add missed license header in some files.
  • [ISSUE-251] - Remove warnings in header files.
  • [ISSUE-252] - Use userdata to cache the local checker callback.
  • [ISSUE-258] - Add regionId support in the send result.
  • [ISSUE-260] - Add sharding key in the message property.
  • [ISSUE-265] - Use dynamic cpu cores to compile code.


  • [ISSUE-283] - Send message back failed some time because the timeout was set too short.
  • [ISSUE-246] - Fix the issue that failed to select transaction producer to call local state checker.
  • [ISSUE-248] - Fix variable check error in the build script.
  • [ISSUE-241] - Fix heap-buffer-overflow risk issues.