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Release Notes - Apache RocketMQ - Version 4.9.0

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Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the 4.9.0 release of RocketMQ. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, please refer to Quick Start.


  • [ISSUE-2860] - Support producer and cunsumer opentracing.
  • [ISSUE-2833] - Support trace for TranscationProducer.
  • [ISSUE-2556] - Support Lite pull consumer messaging trace.


  • [ISSUE-2133] - RMQ_SYS_TRANS_OP_HALF_TOPIC be deleted after delete topic/group.
  • [ISSUE-2328] - The broker instance failed to start due to ACL parameter error.
  • [ISSUE-2615] - Add property of benchmark's producer that specifies how many messages to send.
  • [ISSUE-2683] - Add delay message stats to brokerStatsManager.
  • [ISSUE-2698] - TopicRouteSubCommand enhancement.
  • [ISSUE-2730] - Fix Multiple instances in the same application share MQClientInstance.
  • [ISSUE-2863] - Fix the problem of potential NPE in ACL plain.
  • [ISSUE-2801] - The Order Message sending demo in example project cannot set namesrv addres.
  • [ISSUE-2816] - Fix messageArrivingListener NPE.
  • [ISSUE-2735] - QueryMsgByUniqueKey tool should return all messages with same unique key.
  • [ISSUE-2868] - Broker DLQ message lack ORIGIN_MESSAGE_ID field.
  • [ISSUE-2872] - Remove log files produced by integration test.
  • [ISSUE-2904] - Fix unit test stability.
  • [ISSUE-2911] - Fastjson version is too old.
  • [ISSUE-2935] - Simple attack cause broker fail to start.
  • [ISSUE-2650] - Unit case often failed by ci.


  • [ISSUE-2607] - Set benchmark`s consumer isSuffixEnable defautl false and update help info.
  • [ISSUE-2708] - Client may submit wrong offset when network instability.
  • [ISSUE-2732] - Fix message loss problem when rebalance with LitePullConsumer.
  • [ISSUE-2783] - Fix ThreadLocalIndex getAndIncrement return value may only have two values.
  • [ISSUE-2811] - The wrong topic was consumed in the DefaultMessageStoreTest test program.
  • [ISSUE-2865] - Fix Batch message send bug in Dledger Mode.
  • [ISSUE-2921] - Fix a bug in trace when consuming message.

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