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Release Notes - Apache RocketMQ - Version 4.9.2

· 2 min read

Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the 4.9.2 release of RocketMQ. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, please refer to Quick Start.


  • [RIP-7] - Multiple Directories Storage Support


  • [ISSUE-2964] - Add a query consumer config command in mqadmin.
  • [ISSUE-3148] - Support metadata export
  • [ISSUE-3194] - [PART A] Use LongAdder instead of AtomicLong in BrokerStatsService to improve performance.
  • [ISSUE-3194] - [PART C] Replace AtomicLong with LongAdder in to improve performance
  • [ISSUE-3347] - Improve performance of expandIP, and readable
  • [ISSUE-3346] - Avoid double parse remoteAddr in rpcHook call
  • [ISSUE-3136] - TraceDataEncoder add SubAfter trace bean timestamp
  • [ISSUE-3245] - Use df algorithm to calculate the disk used ratio
  • [ISSUE-3384] - Add SendBack message to SCHEDULE_TOPIC_XXXX stats
  • [ISSUE-3375] - Lazy init GetMessageResult only when find message.
  • [ISSUE-3361] - DefaultMQProducer's constructor can call the overloaded constructor.
  • [ISSUE-2724] - Resend message to DLQ directly when max reconsume times reach
  • [ISSUE-3314] - Make mqClientApi request timeout settable
  • [ISSUE-3296] - Add get stats and single queue stats for schedule topic
  • [ISSUE-3308] - Production level pull api demo
  • [ISSUE-3284] - Optimizing benchmark code
  • [ISSUE-3215] - Polish litePullConsumer seek logic #3216
  • [ISSUE-3225] - Change Random to ThreadLocalRandom in broker
  • [ISSUE-2962] - Implement DefaultMQAdminExt::examineTopicConfig function
  • [ISSUE-2726] - Retrying by customizing response code
  • [ISSUE-2436] - DLQ topic default perm change
  • [ISSUE-1848] - Add write perm admin command
  • [ISSUE-3333] - Remove commons-codes dependency
  • [ISSUE-NONE] - Update rocketmq client maven version


  • [ISSUE-503] - NOT_CONSUME_YET not right in RocketMQ Console
  • [ISSUE-2667] - Repair file doesn't exist on this path'
  • [ISSUE-3281] - Fix fail to delete topic perm list and global white address(#3128)
  • [ISSUE-3326] - Fix send trace fail if broker set tls.server.mode=enforcing
  • [ISSUE-3288] - Fix producer always timeouts while sending first message
  • [ISSUE-1869] - Delay message can't be consumed when delay offset in delayOffset.json is wrong