Field Report of Apache RocketMQ Meetup Beijing

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In July 1st, Apache RocketMQ community launched a meetup in Beijing with a perfect ending. Thanks for everyone’s participation.

It is really appreciated that over 300 RocketMQ or open source enthusiasts gathered in Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to attend this meetup in such a hot summer day. meetup_beijing_group

The Opening:

The emcee introduced the history of Apache RocketMQ, the road travelled from Alibaba to Apache, and the map of global user distribution.


Topic 1: Best Practice for Apache RocketMQ

The speaker lollipop(RocketMQ Committer/PMC Member) shared core features and best practices of RocketMQ.


Topic 2: Apache RocketMQ UseCase

​ lizhanhui(RocketMQ Committer/PMC Member)’s presentation focused on extensible, scalable, developer skill set of Apache RocketMQ. ​ meetup_topic2

Topic 3: Performance and BigData Ecosystem

dongeforever(RocketMQ Committer) started with Kafka’s Overview Design and batch performance, and then introduced the ecosystem of Apache RocketMQ, especially the new batch feature of Apache RocketMQ, which aimed to integrate with BigData Ecosystem.


Topic 4: Performance Tuning in RocketMQ

The speaker yukon(RocketMQ Committer/PMC Member) shared the low latency and high throughput secrets of Apache RocketMQ.


Topic 5: Streaming and Messaging

Xin Wang(Apache Storm Committer/PMC member)’s topic covered the relations between streaming and messaging platform, and the challenges and tips in Storm usage.


Topic 6: RocketMQ-MySQL-Replicator

Qun Zhao(RocketMQ Top Contributor) brought a new community project for us, RocketMQ-MySQL-Replicator.


Topic 7: Messaging Community and Ecosystem

vongosling(RocketMQ Core-creator, Committer/PMC member)’s topic Messaging Community and Ecosystem mainly focused on comprehension of Apache way and how to build a healthy Apache community.


More details please refer to our live streaming with photos and words in twitter



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